J2: My long ass week

It's been one hell of a week. It felt so long, it's as if my grandfather had died weeks ago. It would have felt even longer if so many people weren't there to comfort my family. And for that, I thank you. You guys know who you are and I'm glad to have such an extensive range of family and friends during hard times. Here are the Cole's notes for my week:

- My grandfather died on Friday, October 22. It was a day I saw coming sooner or later. And when it came it hadn't really kicked in. Even now, there are times where I think he'd call me to play Golf or ask if I can give him a ride to Chemo. Sometimes I sincerely think he's still sitting at home watching the Golf channel.

- The week was mostly spent at my house with about 50 people everyday at 7pm praying for my gramps. Alot of this was spent eating food people brought over. I think I gained about 5 pounds during all of last week.

- The unexpected company caused my Insanity work out to be put on hold. I should start again today. It's going to be extremely hard to get back to Level 2 from a week of eating nothing but Chinese food and desserts.

- Wednesday and Thursday were the viewings. So many people showed up, it was surprising. But then again, every filipino is somehow connected to one another and my gramps had alot of friends. The only thing I enjoyed about this whole ordeal is that I've met alot of people whome I haven't seen since way back in the day. Kind of reminded me of my childhood when I used to see these people on a regular basis. It was kinda nice, but it'd be even nicer if I had seen them under different circumstances.

- Friday was the mass and Saturday was the funeral. I'm glad to know that gramps can finally rest in peace. And I'm also kinda happy the cemetary he was burried at is not far from where I live. I thought since I lived in the boonies, he'd be far away. I'd like to try and visit him once a week.

- In lighter news, I have a couple pairs kicks that had just arrived through A-PHKR. I should go grab them from him pretty soon, as well as take care of the holiday pre-orders for all these releases that are coming soon.

- No "Throwback Thursday" last week. Maybe this week I'll do something a little different.

- Friday night after the mass, some of us spent the night playing boardgames. Sound kinda boring, but it was fun, it was sort of quick get away from the week we had just had. Saturday after the funeral was a gathering at my house. Alot of us didn't want to leave, I missed my nephews costume party, but the FPOE, ATP and I made up for it. Dank + Inception = crazy. Hahaha.

- We passed out and woke up feeling like ass. I don't know why but it felt like I was hung over. It was 11 and the house was empty. So we got up and left to catch breakfast at Over Easy. Dopest place for breakfast. My love for the breakfast has been rekindled. If only they opened before 7am, I'd be there everyday.

- Went to Group Seven. 30% almost everything. Not sure if the sale is still on, but hurry and go. I gotta check back at that place sometime this week for Simpsons Series II vinyl toys. Copped a sweater and we went home.

- Didn't go trick or treating this year. I know, I'm old as fck, but I wanted to go for the novelty of it and to see if I'd actually get any candy. I did however, catch the series premier of Walking Dead. So awesome. Looks very promising and true to the 'zombie' premise. It's one of the few shows I've set up series recordings for next to Big Bang Theory, CSI, The Office and Hells Kitchen.

- Dropped my Aunt off at the airport this morning. Woke up at around 4:50am. I'm still feeling groggy, but at least I showed up to work early.

And just because, another WDYWT?

Air Max 97 "Silver Bullet"


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