2010 Champs!

I guess MVP and Championship trophies are THAT heavy.

There you have it. The 2010 NBA Champions, the Los Angeles Lakers! Probably the most important one for the Lakers, being it may be the last time Phil Jackson runs the team as Coach. It was a good game. Solid D on both ends. Poor shooting on both ends at the half.

The man of the night wasn't Kobe, only making 6 of 24 from the field. The Lakers should thank Artest. The most unlikely player to step up at times like these. With Kobe struggling, I thought Gasol, Odom or even Fisher would step up, but Artest came up big with 20. That, lifting LA's spirits high, gave the rest of the team, including Kobe, the motivation to close the game despite the big 3 and Rondo hitting double figures.

Great game. And congratulations to LA for taking it.

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