Bad Day

Asher Roth said it best when it comes to having "bad days".

I lost my contact lenses and I'm currently using a pair of 5 year old glasses, in which is missing a nose pad. A stupid field mouse/rat kept me up until 3am last night screeching and knawing at my window sill trying to get in, which set off my house alarm. I shot it and killed it. I should have done so sooner because I woke up tired and groggy and forgot my lunch and snack at home on my way to work. My inbox was pretty quiet other than useless work e-mails, which made the day drag on slowly. And on top of all else, there is a thunder storm outside and I had just washed my car and put my golf clubs in my trunk.

On a slightly brighter note, it's Telus/Student Tuesday at the movies and Toy Story 3 is playing. I am going to go see it. It would be just my luck if A) my 3D glasses wouldn't fit over top of mine or B) it's sold out. Either way, it would be just perfect and not surprising if I experience either of the 2 scenarios to cap up my crappy "Monday-like" Tuesday.


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