2010 Ninja Basketball

Had another Ninja practice last night. I actually felt really good playing for 3 hours. In fact, I wanted to KEEP playing. We're aiming to get our zone defense just right for our first game, and I think we're getting there. I'm also getting used to playing full court again. I love our team - no ego trips, no fighting, no wannabe all-stars, just a group of friends looking to have fun and get some exercise. I need more cardio, and this beats running on a treadmill by a mile.

There are little key elements each person holds on this team to make it successful, which is why I think we'll do okay. That being said, I'm just hoping we don't get completely obliterated come our first game.

Anyway, registration is upon us and I'd like to introduce you to the 2010 Ninjas.

Don Elson Dino - C
Lloyd Dino - C/F
Dave Dino - F
Jordan Dino - F/G
Matt Alatiit - G
Arjay Malimban - G
Sean Chicote - G

Giselle Dino - F
Chelsea Dino - F
Harlene Vidallo - F/G
Jane Malimban - G
Barbara de Leon - G
Nicole Sun - G

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