J2: Weekend Recap

I have the case of the Mondays. Like crazy. Especially since we IFC'd last week and I'm stuck here with nothing to do.
  • Friday was the Ninjas' inaugural practice. If I failed to mention this before, the Ninjas are our 2010 co-ed basketball team. We haven't played as a team before, but so far so good. Capped the night off at Boston Pizza for "Team Bonding".
  • 3 and half hours of playing ball puts a heavy strain on my feet. I woke up the next morning barely being able to walk. I spent the Saturday putting the soles of my feet through rehab.
  • We spent most of the Saturday building a new computer. Finally, a NEW computer. I've had my laptop since 2003 and people wonder how I could cling on to such an ancient piece of machinery all this time. I'll probably post specs and pics later.
  • I didn't make it out to DTP or "Driven" this year. I would have liked to, but I was occupied with other things. Plus I don't think I've been to one since I entered my car in 2007.
  • Sunday - Ball practice/3 on 3 with the boys and Barbara. I don't know how some people do it, but playing in +25 degree weather is EXHAUSTING. I think we called it quits after an hour and a half in the sun with no water. 
  • Sunday was also game day. Lakers VS Boston, to which the result will be a 3-2 lead going into LA Tuesday. I had a couple people over to watch the game. Needless to say, it was a silent post-game. I love the Lakers, but in 2009, I made a bet that they wouldn't take the W in 2010. I have no choice but to cheer for a team that I really hate.

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