2010 Playoffs

Yesterday afternoon, during a boring day in the office, I received an e-mail with an offer to go to the NBA Finals, which is, in my opinion, the opportunity of a life time. Morning trip from YYC to LAX, then off to Game 2 of the Finals and back home in less than 36 hours.

I thought hard for an hour or two about what to do; For some, you're sitting in your chair thinking "Fuck yeah, you should go!". Considering the magnitude of the game, it's an easy yes, but I'd have to miss work on Monday and blow a shit load of cash in less than a weekend to go to the Staples Center for less than 4 hours and nothing more. But, its the finals, so I said yes. J2 is going to the Finals!!...So I thought.

Like the other 28 teams in the NBA this year, I know what it feels like to fall short of making the 2010 NBA Finals.

My passport is expired. FML.


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